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This is a full or half-day workshop exploring the impact of race in the therapeutic relationship. It also teaches how to best support clients from Black, Asian and other ethnically minoritised communities.

You will learn

  • The social and historical impact of racism on mental health

  • Race, privilege, and power

  • Unconscious bias and its roots

  • Empathy and phenomenological approaches

  • How to discuss race in therapy

You will finish the course with the ability to

  • ​Help improve the outcomes and engagement of clients of colour

  • Be less awkward when speaking about race

  • Relate to your clients of colour

  • Achieve cultural sensitivity

  • Foster a culture of acceptance and equality in therapy

  • Help your client of colour feel heard


Our Services

3 Proven Ways to Support Therapists and Mental Health Organizations


Intercultural Supervision

Perfect for Clinical Teams, Lecturers and Executive Teams. In our monthly therapeutic supervision sessions, we work in a way that follows the participants' lead and helps them feel validated and empowered through empathy, non-judgement, and a space to deeply reflect.


We facilitate the exploration of race, identity and leadership and the impact on psychological and emotional wellbeing. We are happy to work with solely leaders of colour, multicultural teams or leaders who want supervision of their work with racially diverse clients. We have also worked with university lecturers who are part of the Race Equality Charter and other mental health organisations.

We facilitate the exploration of the following in the context of work, wider life and society:

  • Voice

  • (In)visibility

  • Power, privilege and oppression

  • Historical interracial relations

  • Personal racial identity

  • Barriers to feeling grounded and settled at work

  • Representational pressures

  • Code-switching

Benefits of Intercultural Supervision:

  • Improving intercultural interactions at work

  • Reconnecting with intention and impact

  • Heightening the ability to work with racial trauma

  • Enhancing the psychological safety of participants

  • Equipping leaders with tools to better manage role transitioning

  • Providing practical frameworks for intrapersonal and interpersonal exploration of different world views and intersections



This coaching session will help you master your public speaking skills.

You will learn
  • Reasons behind fear and how to overcome it

  • Mindset tools to becoming more confident

  • The relationship that you have with your voice

  • Emotional and psychological aspects of public speaking

You will learn
  • ​Overcome the fear of facing an audience 

  • Effectively connect with your audience

  • Master the hidden skills of great public speakers 

  • Turn your research and knowledge into a captivating workshop

  • Discover a way to earn extra income through workshop presenting


Holly Latham

Kim delivered a brilliant training session for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance's Lived Experience Champions, looking at how to present with impact and approach public speaking with confidence.

Kim created a warm, engaging and interactive session, sharing her professional insights, tips, techniques and personal anecdotes. Feedback from the training has been really positive and I'd be delighted to work with Kim and her organisation again in the future.

Neresia Osbourne

Kimberly-Anne was highly recommended for her Public Speaking course and I was not disappointed!

It was engaging, challenging and afforded me to utilise my creative genius, whilst being authentic and listening to my own voice.

Take part; do the course - who knows what else you are going to find for yourself.  It was such a pleasure working with Kimberly-Anne.

Why choose KaeMoTherapy Workshops?

  • Interactive and engaging

  • Actionable information that has proven results

  • Research and theory-based

  • Examples from the practice of experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists 

  • What services do kaemotherapy offer?
    Race Workshops Supervision for practitioners dealing with racial trauma in their work Consultancy: Workshop follow-up or group supervision with a focus on race and culture for therapists Public Speaking Coaching and Psychological Safety Workshops Diversity Workshops
  • How long is a full day workshop?
    5 hours.
  • How long is a half-day workshop?
    2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Do you do in person workshop or they are all online?
    In-person workshops come at an additional cost - you can book a call to discuss the details.
  • Who delivers the workshop?
    We have a team of facilitators who deliver our training, who are qualified psychotherapists and counselors.
  • Do you do bespoke race workshop?
    No, as we have a set template. However, we can add up to 2 additional slides to meet specific specialisms/requirements.
  • Do the workshop come with workbook?
    Not unless arranged; let us know in advance if you’d like our electronic workbook to accompany your workshop for £57.
  • Are the workshop only for therapist?
    No, we are willing to provide workshops, coaching and supervision for professionals from all sectors who want to look at race and culture from a mental health perspective.
  • Do you do public speaking workshops as well as one-to-one support
    Yes, you can book a call to discuss the details. We provide Public Speaking Coaching for teams of various types, looking at public speaking from an emotional and psychological perspective.
  • Do you offer consultancy to support my clinical team around race outside of workshop(for example, in small group supervision)?
    Yes, we do have this on offer. Please enquire to find out more. We offer a special price if you book what we call an 'Implementation Session' alongside a workshop.
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