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Supporting mental health practitioners to improve their skills and grow their businesses 


Meet Our Founder

Kim Evans

Kimberly-Anne Evans MSc MUKCP is a registered Psychotherapist, Public Speaker, and Coach.

Kim is aware that practitioners struggle to offer appropriate help to clients because of the gap in their training regarding race and diversity. This is why she is passionate about helping them make the most of their skills.

With decades of public speaking under her belt, she is excited to share her journey of becoming a confident and engaging speaker with other like-minded professionals. Now it's your turn to learn how to do it too! 

If you'd like an associate facilitator or want to find out more about our training and consultancy, get in touch today.

Learning. Growing. Moving Forward.

"At Kaemotherapy, we specialise in helping mental health professionals (therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists) in private practice, organisations and educational settings to develop practical skills to work with a racially diverse range of clients and grow their businesses. We do this through our workshops, training and supervision.

Our passionate trainers help mental health professionals to overcome barriers and gain critical knowledge that will enable them to work more effectively with their clients, based on the decades of experience within the team. We have worked with some of the largest mental health organisations here in the UK, such as MIND and EAPA UK. We know that mental health and understanding diversity is at the heart of working with people, and empowering people to learn, grow, and move forward is at the heart of what we do.

We are passionate about supporting therapists and organisations to achieve their goals, and not just regarding diversity. Our public speaking coaching for therapists helps them to diversify their work and earn more.

Thanks for visiting our website - I’m excited about sharing all that we do with you."

Kim Evans

Our values

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Positive Relationship

Building and maintaining positive relationships with clients, associates and staff, remaining relationship-focused. 

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Standing for social justice, fighting for racial equality and justice for those in and associated with the company.  

Working alongside other professionals and businesses to achieve our goals, and co-creation in teams and with staff.


Open to new ideas, transparency, honesty and coherent communication.

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Movement & Evolution

Striving towards improvement, focusing on growth and development.

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