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We've Launched!!!

''We're launched and I couldn't be more pleased.''

After over 4 years of facilitating training and workshops on interracial therapy, culture and inclusion I can finally let more people know about what we offer here at KaeMoTherapy Ltd. Here at KaeMoTherapy we feel it's important to achieve positive mental health outcomes for all people regardless of race.

This hasn't been the case thus far, so our aim in supporting black and other racial minority clients is to ensure that equality is achieved. I'm supporting them by supporting other counsellors and psychotherapists like myself, by complementing the curriculums and shining a light on topics regarding race that are often never mentioned.

This website means that I can finally have a national and global platform where I can make these much-needed services available.

What we offer here goes beyond just having the discussion or disseminsting bits of research but it's about making real change to real lives. It's practical and applicable.

I hope you enjoy exploring this site and I hope to hear from you soon.

From Kimberly-Anne Evans 

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