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We also offer public speaking coaching so that you can gain the skills that you need to confidently develop your wellness business.

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We are the leading psychotherapeutic training and coaching service on race in therapy here in the UK. We support therapists and mental health organisations with developing practical skills to promote the growth of their businesses and to thrive when working with racial diversity. 

For organisations

We deliver training to equip your practitioners with the skills and confidence to support a diverse range of patients and build a culturally sensitive practice.

Race in Therapy Workshop

Public Speaking Coaching

Intercultural Supervision

A full or half-day workshop exploring the impact of race in the therapeutic relationship and how best to support individuals from racialised communities.

Monthly therapeutic supervision sessions to facilitate the exploration of race, identity and leadership. Perfect for Clinical Teams, Lecturers and Executive Teams.

Discover how to overcome the fear of speaking out and effectively connect with your audience.

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