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Race in the




Learning - Growing - Moving Forward 

"How to get your therapists to work confidently with BAME clients and finally stop feeling overwhelmed by conversations about race"


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You will finish the course with the ability to:  

  • Improve the outcomes and engagement of BAME clients 

  • Be less awkward when speaking about race 

  • Achieve cultural sensitivity 

  • Foster a culture of acceptance and equality in therapy 

  • Help your BAME clients feel heard 

Kaemotherapy Workshop Standards: 

  • Interactive and engaging 

  • Content tailored to the mental health industry and therapy 

  • Actionable information that has proven results 

  • Research and theory based 

  • Examples from the practice of experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists


Do you want your mental health practitioners to gain confidence when working with race without having to convince your finance team about the price? 




Half Day


Full Day

Pay today & you'll get access to our workshop packages which includes: 

1. Race in the Therapeutic Relationship Workshop (half a day or full day)

2. E-Workbooks for your staff to consolidate their knowledge and develop their understanding further 

3. Access to our exclusive Race and Culture in therapy online resource portal, where you can gain access to fresh and relevant research 

4. An hour free post-workshop consultation with Kim Evans director to get personal coaching and support for your team or executives


What our clients say about us:

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Ngozi Chidinma
Director Of Clinical Services at Frontline Therapist 

“Race in the therapeutic relationship workshop was nothing short of amazing. It was informative, practical, engaging and enabled me to reflect on my practice and that of my counsellors in my service." 

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Charlene Bogonko
Management Consultant at Accenture UKI 

“Kim touched on how dealing with micro-aggressions can impact black individuals, the importance of community when seeking wellness, and tips on how to have a more self-aware discussion with colleagues from different backgrounds.” 


Matthew Nyarambi
University Lecturer at University of East Anglia 

“We have already booked another master class from KaeMoTherapy Training, because it is worth it. The speakers are not only world class but are relevant and in season. This is so important for my Counselling Degree students. Thank you KaeMoTherapy Training.” 



Kimberly-Anne Evans MSc MUKCP (Psychotherapist, Public Speaker and Coach) 

‘‘Diversity courses cover a plethora of topics which means there is no real depth. What we offer here is the concentrated expert knowledge you need to impact your BAME clients in the positive way you want to.’’


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