Leslie McDonald
Senior Board Director | Mental Health Champion | Race Equity Advocate | Charity Chairman | Community Leader | Businessman

Kimberly worked as a therapist at Nottingham Counselling Service a BACP Accredited service for three years, where I have first hand experienced of her working as an exemplar therapist and professional trainer. She is knowledgeable about racial disparities within the therapies profession and is committed to reducing mental health inequalities. I have no reservations about recommending her services.


Nicky Ensert
Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Sanctuary Group

Kim’s work has impact. I shared one of her paintings and insights from her Masters research with white colleagues wanting to be allies in anti racist work. Her explanation of feeling invisible and unheard or even censored and silenced when white colleagues are unable to comfortably talk about race or who say they are colour blind struck a chord with one colleague who wrote : ‘I cried reading this. Thank you for sharing. I am sad that my comment ‘colour blind’ was exactly the kind of privilege that I was trying to stay away from. In fact, reading that I blushed quite deeply – I had no idea that my words might cause someone to feel unheard.


Ammer Malik
Head Of Business Development at Financial Wellness Group

I was able to attend an EAP Association members' meeting where I was able to hear about the work Kimberly-Anne has been doing in relation to interracial therapeutic relationships, in particular the points of consideration for white therapists working with black clients. It was a great session which resonated with me personally but also gave me so much to take away and think about when it comes to relationships in the workplace.